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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Tiny Houses

Tiny houses on trailers cost $3,000. They are insulated. They have toilet and shower and a comfy sleeping spot or two and most typically have approximately 100 square feet of space. If someone gives the householder permission to park,  no land ownership is required. 

It's kind of a cool idea, isn't? Think of what becomes possible if your housing is essentially not a cost. This is not a universal solution to the housing crisis in the industrial world. We're talking about a solution for certain people willing to make trade-offs of minimal real estate space, in exchange for freedom.  It's probably a little too small to contain a todler-sibling fight over Legos. Even a couple seems kind of a large grouping for a 100 foot house. But imagine: Your significant other could get one right next door and there you go--the joys of companionship as well as the wonders of solitude--like a Rilke poem come to life. You could also bring the trailers to different places when you wanted, not quite as flexibly as one might with an Airstream trailer, but, doably--more like moving a piano long distances. (Though I'd have to find a suitably poignant farewell song to play on the Steinway upright that would be unlikely to make the pared -down essential possession list when going into a house less than 1/10th the size of the current living space.)

I think this is an intriguing idea. The doubts come up. What the heck, I declare a "there are no bad ideas" policy for without jumping to any conclusion for at least one day. My mind fills with questions that open up new questions (as well as a sense of excitement): What do you live your life for if you aren't primarily focused on making money to pay for housing and vehicle and medical care? You would definitely have some flexibility. And in the flexibility you could find a purpose that serves the greater good of others and your own creative energy. At some point that might really be what your life story could be about. Why not? What actually makes more sense than that?  Definitely this is an idea that seems worth daydreaming on a little more.

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